Victoria’s Secret SPORT Review

#VSsportbra If you follow me on the socials, you already know I got an exciting package in the mail this week!  @Influenster sent me a “voxbox”  from Victoria’s Secret’s Sport line to test and review as a #VSSportTester.  This is exciting for a few reasons: 1) Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? 2) Free stuff is just the best, and 3) I am in desperate need of some new workout gear.

My box came with VS’s RUNWAY Sports Bra, a medium support bra with wireless support, locking-zip front closure, padding lifts and shapes, and adjustable straps and breathable mesh panels; and VS’s KNOCKOUT Capris.

First off, they are SUPER cute.  Great colors, cute mesh detail – flattering shapes and fits.  The fabrics are soft and substantial.  I wore mine for a 6 mile run and a short strength training session.  handstand with #VS

The capris are going to be amazing for fall runs.  They have a nice thick waistband, are a  great length, and are pretty warm (a little too warm for a 70 degree day).  The RUNWAY bra is a real bra.  As with most bras at VS, it’s got some pushup in there (a totally weird feeling for me with a sports bra), but it kept the girls happy for a solid run, and even kept them contained for some handstands!

Here’s the deal – as you would expect with Victoria’s Secret – this is the kind of workout gear you buy if you want to feel sexy while you workout.  Since I’m small chested, I tend to buy the cheapest sports bras on the market – my girls are ok with just being strapped down – but it was nice to have adjustable straps and the zipper closure.  I don’t know that I want any kind of push-ups in my sports bras, but I’d definitely take a look at the rest of VS’s sport line.  The price point is a little high for me, but comparable to other high-end workout lines.  I wouldn’t make them a staple of my workout clothes, but I expect I’ll buy another piece or two to spruce it up for dance classes and such.

My voxbox came with a bunch of  25% off coupons, so if you’d like to try out the VS Sport line, comment below!

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Wine + Exercise = A Healthy Heart

photo by Frank Perry/AFP/Getty from Wine and Exercise: A Promising Combination on The Atlantic

Science is science, and it has just justified all of my life choices (ok, not all, but a pretty solid portion of my lifestyle).  I encourage you to check out Wine and Exercise: A Promising Combination on The Atlantic right now.  I don’t think the findings of the study discussed will surprise anyone, but it sure is nice to hear that by being a little buzzed, and a little exercised, you are doing good things for your ticker.

I for one, will be picking up a bottle of white on my way home from the gym tonight.


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Six things I’m loving right now

I’m baaaaack (for now)!  I’ve had a million and fifty things I want to share this summer, but I’ve been so busy living that I haven’t made time to write it all down.  It’s great, but I’m finding that I get a little overwhelmed when I just keep powering through, so I’m trying to take more time to breathe and reflect.  I’ve got some more updates coming your way, but to ease us back into the thick of it, here are six things I’m loving right now.
I raced one earlier this month and it was AWESOME.  That shit is STOOPID HARD, but somehow never feels impossible.  Also, I completely lost all sense of self conscious-ness mid race.  Is my ass hanging out?  Do my thighs look enormous?  Do I have spit running down my face?  DON’T CARE, I just feel STRONG right now.
2) The Angry/Sad Run
Feeling like the world is a terrible place and everything is awful?  Go for an angry/sad run.  No one can tell if you’re crying or sweating to death, and you’ll go super fast because ALL THE EMOTIONS.  You may even feel better when it’s over – or at least too tired to care anymore.
Ugh, I hate that I love it, but I do.  I assume I was brainwashed by all those episodes of The Hills I watched in college.
4) Sarah Fit (surprise! another blog – and yes I do have a problem)
Sarah is great (I know, I say it like we’re besties – I’ve been following her for a long time).  Sometimes her syntax gets on my nerves, but once you get past the “sorority girl” of it all (who am I kidding, if you’re still reading my writing you obviously don’t have a problem with bad grammar and a valley girl tendency), she is a straight-up-smart health and wellness pro with an accessible platform.  Her workouts are pretty good, but her articles on food and healthy habits are the best.  Basically she gets it – you have a life - and you want to feel good and look good.  Check her out, you’re welcome.
5) Kacy Catanzaro
This one is supes obvious right now – I mean hell-O, do you have the internet? This woman is amazing. Thanks for being one bas ass role model Kacy – go kick some booty in Vegas!
6) Eating in
Here’s the thing, your girl over here just had her monthly student loan payment jump a couple hundos… #thrilled.  It’s not ideal, but it’s forcing me to be more resourceful with my budget, and it is a STARK reminder that a lot of people are dealing with a fraction of my income.  Check out this eye-opening article from National Geographic about the disturbing prevalence of food insecurity in this country.  I eat most of my meals at home, but I’m definitely prone to the mid-afternoon purchase of a KIND bar and a fancy iced tea.  I’m trying to cut out the unnecessary spending in my life, and I might be concocting a September challenge for myself…
Alright beautiful people, get on with your bad selves.
Thanks for reading!
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Down with Negative Thinking!

Whew! Is anyone else feeling like time just needs to SLOOOOOOOW DOOOOOOOWN?  I can’t believe it’s already March (even though it still feels like January, brrrr). I sort of feel like I’m constantly waiting for life to slow down, but it never does.  Busy is the new normal?

Let’s get through the housekeeping first! We’re about halfway through the DOU Pinterest Challenge, so follow the board and I’ll invite you to start pinning the recipes you’ve tested!  (C’mon, we need each other for quality control – sure those recipes look good, but are they? Here’s our chance to join forces and find out!)

Mardi Gras 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

Next up – Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!  Today is Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! Faschnaut Day! Pancake Day! Carnivale!  Whatever you call it, and whatever you do to celebrate, I hope you were able to indulge today!  (I know I’ve had one too many snacks to honor the occasion.)  I think it’s my duty as a good Catholic to be either gluttonous, drunk, or lecherous on Fat Tuesday.

Alas, with the indulgence of Fat Tuesday comes the asceticism of Lent.  When I was a kid, I was taught that you should keep your Lenten sacrifices to yourself – you know, “don’t let your left hand know, what your right hand is dong” – because if your making yourself a martyr it kind of defeats the purpose.  People aren’t supposed to tell you how wonderful you are for the sacrifices you’re making.  That said, a solid 80% of my Facebook newsfeed today is an announcement of what will be abstained from for the next 40 days – and yes, I’m amused by all of it. Best of luck to you all, and for the love of life, if you are giving up cheese or chocolate, stay away from me until Easter!

I haven’t decided if I’ll “give anything up” for Lent (I’d like to give up cold weather, but ya know), but I will definitely be conscious of squashing negative thinking during this mindful time of year, and I challenge you to join me!

So, when the person in front of me is walking sooooooo sloooooow as I’m scurrying to catch my train, I’m going to remind myself that contrary to my initial thoughts, they’re not the worst person on the entire planet, take a freaking breath and patiently make my way to work. There is probably a very good reason why they are moving so slowly, and it’s not helping anyone for me to shoot the evil eye into their skull as I stew silently.

And when I catch a glimpse of my larger than average thighs in the mirror, I’m not going to think about how terrible I am for eating dessert six days last week.  I have a healthy, capable body, and though it doesn’t look exactly the way I want it to, there isn’t anything wrong with it.

I’m going to try and be more mindful of the times when senseless negativity takes over my thoughts, and squash that beast.  I won’t be suffering, but I think I’ll learn something, and I’m pretty sure that by Easter I’ll be a happier, more centered individual.

What did you do to celebrate Fat Tuesday?

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Scenes from my weekend

Hi friends – Happy Valentine’s Day/President’s Day hangover week!

I’m a little under the weather, so I don’t have much to say today – except down with the cold virus!  Anyhow, I wanted to pop a quick reminder that the Pinterest recipe challenge started on Monday, and you can still join!  Just follow the board on Pinterest and I’ll send you an invite to start posting on it.  You’ll be sharing amazing recipes you’ve tried out in no time :)  I already made these delicious Paleo Chicken Jalapeño Burgers for the challenge -yum!

I had a fantastic weekend with friends, family, food and adventure – but I think I may have overextended myself since I picked up a cold somewhere along the way.  I trekked down to Red Hook on V-Day and ate some INCREDIBLE meat at Hometown BBQ with my love and some friends.  I went on a spa day expedition with some fabulous ladies on Saturday. (We ended up at a Russian Bath in Coney Island called Mermaid Spa because every other place was full.  It was…an experience, but I totally loved it!)  Sunday was a day for getting sh*t done – like buying a much needed new set of sheets and a bathmat (my life is SO glamorous) – and family dinner (MEATBALLS!!!!).  Monday was the cherry on top of a fabulous weekend because I went out to New Jersey to see my brother rock out on stage.  He’s in the NATIONAL TOUR of American Idiot, so I don’t get to see much of him, and seeing him in his element on stage was just awesome.  It didn’t hurt that one of my best friends and a ton of family and family-friends were there too – love my people!

I’m definitely feeling the effects of a go-go-go weekend, but it was amazing.  Here’s a glimpse of the goods:

Snow-weary travelers head to the Russian Baths...

Snow-weary travelers head to the Russian Baths…

I loved this simple and creative centerpiece at the restaurant where we caught brunch!

I loved this simple and creative centerpiece at the restaurant where we caught brunch!

Literally, nothing is better than homemade meatballs - this is one of my favorite things about dating an Italian :)

Literally, nothing is better than homemade meatballs – this is one of my favorite things about dating an Italian :)

Tulips from the corner deli - that MUST mean spring is coming soon…right?

Tulips from the corner deli – that MUST mean spring is coming soon…right?

Hope you had a great long weekend – and that your back to work week hasn’t been too bad!

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