The cake is on fire!

Hey-O! Did everyone enjoy the Oscars? I didn’t make it to the end, but I heard good things. I was really excited to hear that Common and John Legend won Best Original Song for Glory. I mean OBVIOUSLY it was the best, but you never know. They are two of my favorites (John Legend’s EVOLVER got me through a very difficult time in 2011, and Common’s BE is probably my favorite album of all time). So, yay!

Before I fell asleep mid-Oscars though, I had the world’s chillest weekend. It was awesome. On Saturday, I took the bus out to PA to get snowed in with my mom.

Yup. It's still winter.
Yup. It’s still winter.

Now, I don’t know what “snowed-in” means in your family, but in mine it means you do an indoor “brick” workout for an hour and a half. Mom and I put a meal in the crockpot and hit the “gym”. I ran for a half hour on the treadmill, while Mom rocked the bike trainer, and then we swapped so I could do an hour on the bike and Mom could walk on the treadmill. Did I mention that my mom was in a car accident last month and BROKE her sternum? Yup. She’s UNSTOPPABLE. She’s not allowed to run yet, but she’s still logging serious workouts – it’s impressive. After we worked it out, we put a fire in the fireplace and decided to make some dessert…

FiresWelp – nobody told us that angel food cake does some serious rising while cooking, sooooo we accidentally set the cake and the oven on fire. Oops. Don’t worry though, we salvaged that shit and had some fantastic strawberry shortcake after dinner. #nailedit

After dinner, we were just chillin, catching up on The Mindy Project (aka the best show on television), when my Mom decided – at 11pm – that we should shovel the 4 inches of snow off the driveway for my Dad. I told you – she is UNSTOPPABLE.

After church on Sunday, the whole fam went up to visit my Grandpop, and while he wasn’t thrilled to hang with us, he was pretty into the pizza we brought up, so we can call it a win. I caught an afternoon bus back to the city, and got to watch this awesome sunset along the way. The weekend literally couldn’t have been better.

On the training front, I’m slowly building yardage in the pool and mileage on the bike. My running’s about the same, as it’s something I do year round. In all, I’ve gone from working out about 3.5 hours a week to 6.5, and I’m still building. Not surprisingly, my body is thrilled. It requires a little more TLC – time spent stretching, foam rolling, and giving myself tennis ball and golf ball massages – but I feel goooooood.

But here’s the real news: I’ve jerry-rigged a solution that will allow me to get in the training volume I need, at a price I can afford. Many thanks to the New York City Recreational Centers. They are NOT fancy, but for $75 for 6 months ($150 for the whole year), you have access to all the indoor pools across the city, all of the fitness centers, and more. I now have access to pools and spin bikes seven days a week – and there’s one near my office. Parks and Rec for the win! I’m keeping my Planet Fitness membership so I have a gym near my apartment (and let’s be real – I can spare the $10 a month with all the money I’m saving by NOT joining the YMCA or Equinox).

I’m feeling pretty fit and frugal. How do you save money on your fitness? What do you splurge on?

Would you like some humble pie with that?

Kombucha in a wine glass - just as good as the original
Kombucha in a wine glass – just as good as the original

Last time we met, I gave you a run down of how gung-ho I am about being a better triathlete this year. I told you all about my plans to get up early to work it out, drink less, learn from the best, and invest in my training and nutrition. Guess what?! I did all of those things this week, and I feel great! Buuuut, the reality is that it’s just the beginning. I’ll have to keep the commitment and the hunger for months. Getting one swim, one bike, and a few runs in every week isn’t going to cut it if my goal is to really nail it this year. So while week one was amazing, it came with a heaping slice of humble pie.

But before I get into the dirty details, I’d like to invite you Back on My Feet NYC’s Comedy Night on February 26th! I can’t be there (work event), but YOU can be! Tickets are $25 each and include DRINKS. Annnnd, if you buy a ticket and email me to let me know, BoMF will count your ticket sale toward my BoMF FundRACEing campaign for the NYC Tri. So, do a girl a favor  and laugh your ass off on 2/26!

So what was easy about week one?

For one – going to bed early and getting up earlier was WAY easier than I expected. Running with Back on My Feet has always been my favorite – it’s so much easier to get up knowing that hugs and awesomeness await me in the cold (cold) dark morning.

Swim practice is my new favorite thing. It felt just like the swim team practices I remember and love (except with less whining on my part). I cannot wait to go back.

What was hard?

Computrainer. I joined Brooklyn Triathlon Club (BTC) earlier this year, and they’ve been an amazing resource. Right now, I’m mostly trolling the forums for advice, links and words I don’t know; but come spring, I’ll be able to join club workouts, rides, etc. I’m a total novice on the bike, so when someone mentions “computrainer” I have to google it. One of the cool things about the BTC forum is that members will sell their sessions when they can’t make them – sooo I got to try out a single computrainer session without making any commitments (oh, and the triathlete I purchased it from was nice enough to pass along some key tips!).

It. kicked. my. butt. So, right before we got started the guy running the session told me that the 2 hour ride I was about to take, was equivalent to a 4 hour ride on the road… Did I mention I haven’t ridden more than 45 minutes on the road since…August? To save my own legs, I made a mental note to take it easy and ride my own pace. It was a lot of fun, and challenging (I totally got lapped on the “course”), and my quads were burning after an hour and a half. I was stunned when I didn’t end up sore the next couple of days.

Know what that means? 1) I did a bad job of hydrating and managing my nutrition, 2) there’s a healthy level of uncomfortable I need to learn to work through, and 3) I have a lot of work to do on the bike.

Which leads me to the question – how do I get more work on the bike in the winter?!? For now, I’ve snagged a spot for this Sunday, but I have no plan for the remainder of the snowy season. Buy a trainer for my apt? Sell my soul for lots of computrainer sessions? Move to California?

What would you do?

I keep meaning to tell you!

I’ve started – and abandoned – so many posts in the past few months. Life keeps getting in the way! I didn’t kick any major milestones, master a new skill, or set a PR; but I did start a new job in the fall (which is both AWESOME and TERRIFYING), went to my 10 year high school reunion (good God, I’m old), and got to spend some quality time with friends and family. I’ve just been living life.

Buuuut old habits die hard and I’ve been itching to document all of the riveting sh*t I do in the day to day here on the inter-webs. Plus, I start training soon and I’m more consistent when I blog about it – so here we are!

IMG_1661For starters, thanks to my wonderfully generous parents I have a real road bike this year! I’ve been racing triathlons on a hybrid – which is fun and all – but when you’re placing 4th and 5th in your age group every. single. time. you kind of want to see what you can accomplish with the right tools. This year I’ll be racing on this beautiful Amira Sport by Specialized. Since the bike won’t race itself, and I am committed to kicking some multisport booty this year, I am going to WORK.

I am going to work so hard that I’ve signed up for a coach-led swim workout that starts at 6am.  WHO AM I? Yup – I’m taking the plunge and seeking advice from an expert…before I have my morning coffee. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Back on My Feet
Rocking my hottest sorority squat w/ Team Brooklyn in 2013

I’m also gambling on my skillz from my day job for a little extra motivation. For the first time in my racing life, I am FUNDracing!  (You would think that as a professional fundraiser I would be all over this, but nope.) But I’m not just fund racing for any old organization, I’m fund racing for Back on My Feet! You may remember them from my posts here and here. It’s seriously the greatest (and I reaallllllly need to get up earlier so I can start running with a team again). On July 19, 2015, I’ll race more than 30 miles around Manhattan in the New York City Triathlon, but before I do it, I have to 1) turn 29 and 2) raise $2,900 for Back on My Feet! For more details (and to help me celebrate my 29th birthday) visit my page.

Victoria’s Secret SPORT Review

#VSsportbra If you follow me on the socials, you already know I got an exciting package in the mail this week!  @Influenster sent me a “voxbox”  from Victoria’s Secret’s Sport line to test and review as a #VSSportTester.  This is exciting for a few reasons: 1) Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? 2) Free stuff is just the best, and 3) I am in desperate need of some new workout gear.

My box came with VS’s RUNWAY Sports Bra, a medium support bra with wireless support, locking-zip front closure, padding lifts and shapes, and adjustable straps and breathable mesh panels; and VS’s KNOCKOUT Capris.

First off, they are SUPER cute.  Great colors, cute mesh detail – flattering shapes and fits.  The fabrics are soft and substantial.  I wore mine for a 6 mile run and a short strength training session.  handstand with #VS

The capris are going to be amazing for fall runs.  They have a nice thick waistband, are a  great length, and are pretty warm (a little too warm for a 70 degree day).  The RUNWAY bra is a real bra.  As with most bras at VS, it’s got some pushup in there (a totally weird feeling for me with a sports bra), but it kept the girls happy for a solid run, and even kept them contained for some handstands!

Here’s the deal – as you would expect with Victoria’s Secret – this is the kind of workout gear you buy if you want to feel sexy while you workout.  Since I’m small chested, I tend to buy the cheapest sports bras on the market – my girls are ok with just being strapped down – but it was nice to have adjustable straps and the zipper closure.  I don’t know that I want any kind of push-ups in my sports bras, but I’d definitely take a look at the rest of VS’s sport line.  The price point is a little high for me, but comparable to other high-end workout lines.  I wouldn’t make them a staple of my workout clothes, but I expect I’ll buy another piece or two to spruce it up for dance classes and such.

My voxbox came with a bunch of  25% off coupons, so if you’d like to try out the VS Sport line, comment below!

Six things I’m loving right now

I’m baaaaack (for now)!  I’ve had a million and fifty things I want to share this summer, but I’ve been so busy living that I haven’t made time to write it all down.  It’s great, but I’m finding that I get a little overwhelmed when I just keep powering through, so I’m trying to take more time to breathe and reflect.  I’ve got some more updates coming your way, but to ease us back into the thick of it, here are six things I’m loving right now.
I raced one earlier this month and it was AWESOME.  That shit is STOOPID HARD, but somehow never feels impossible.  Also, I completely lost all sense of self conscious-ness mid race.  Is my ass hanging out?  Do my thighs look enormous?  Do I have spit running down my face?  DON’T CARE, I just feel STRONG right now.
2) The Angry/Sad Run
Feeling like the world is a terrible place and everything is awful?  Go for an angry/sad run.  No one can tell if you’re crying or sweating to death, and you’ll go super fast because ALL THE EMOTIONS.  You may even feel better when it’s over – or at least too tired to care anymore.
Ugh, I hate that I love it, but I do.  I assume I was brainwashed by all those episodes of The Hills I watched in college.
4) Sarah Fit (surprise! another blog – and yes I do have a problem)
Sarah is great (I know, I say it like we’re besties – I’ve been following her for a long time).  Sometimes her syntax gets on my nerves, but once you get past the “sorority girl” of it all (who am I kidding, if you’re still reading my writing you obviously don’t have a problem with bad grammar and a valley girl tendency), she is a straight-up-smart health and wellness pro with an accessible platform.  Her workouts are pretty good, but her articles on food and healthy habits are the best.  Basically she gets it – you have a life - and you want to feel good and look good.  Check her out, you’re welcome.
5) Kacy Catanzaro
This one is supes obvious right now – I mean hell-O, do you have the internet? This woman is amazing. Thanks for being one bas ass role model Kacy – go kick some booty in Vegas!
6) Eating in
Here’s the thing, your girl over here just had her monthly student loan payment jump a couple hundos… #thrilled.  It’s not ideal, but it’s forcing me to be more resourceful with my budget, and it is a STARK reminder that a lot of people are dealing with a fraction of my income.  Check out this eye-opening article from National Geographic about the disturbing prevalence of food insecurity in this country.  I eat most of my meals at home, but I’m definitely prone to the mid-afternoon purchase of a KIND bar and a fancy iced tea.  I’m trying to cut out the unnecessary spending in my life, and I might be concocting a September challenge for myself…
Alright beautiful people, get on with your bad selves.
Thanks for reading!