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Week One Recap and my Fuel Crisis

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll! So even though I’m halfway through week 2 of marathon training, I’m going to give you the details from week one.  I deviated a little bit from the prescribed plan, but I’m going to say that’s … Continue reading

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Eating on the go and a Blog-o-versary Interrogation

Even though I’ve mostly settled into a single full time job, I’m hanging on to a couple of my freelance gigs.  The extra money can buy me some fancy sneakers, weekend trips, registration in a few marathons, a lifetime supply … Continue reading

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Back to the Weekend Long Run

I was delinquent last weekend and abandoned my long run in favor of two shorter runs…oops.  Anyhow, I’m back on the wagon and (smartly) stayed in last night to prep for this morning’s 16 miler.  Since I was 1) tired … Continue reading

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Marathon Lifestyle

New kicks! Good food! Less booze!  All elements of getting my body excited to kick 26.2 miles.  While I’m already a runner, marathon training is still an adjustment for me.  From everything I’ve read, your body is typically cool with … Continue reading

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Beans, beans, good for your heart….

I love black beans.  Really any beans, I mean legumes are my JAM, but black beans are quite obviously the pinnacle of all beans.  I blame my dad, who developed an affinity for Latin American food while flying to Central … Continue reading

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