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I’m going streaking (or four things I’m excited about right now)

I’ve never been a streaker, you know someone who runs every day for a streak of time, but I figured I needed a kick in the bum, so I signed up for the #Spartan30 Mile a Day Challenge (exciting thing … Continue reading

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The Government Shutdown Cancelled My Race

I’m supposed to be running the last few miles of a half marathon on the beach right now.  It was going to be my last race of the year (since I’m throwing in the towel on my full marathon in … Continue reading

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A Healthy Family Weekend

Do you ever feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend?  Yea – that’s me right now.  I’m parked on the couch, with dinners for the week cooking in the oven, wishing that tomorrow was Sunday instead … Continue reading

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Is it cool if I change my mind?

Sooo… I don’t want to run another marathon. Whew – I said it.  It’s out there.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE running, and I’m looking forward to the half I’m running in two weeks, but I just do. not. … Continue reading

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Rockstar Series: Volume Four

Guess what day it is?!  (Hint- NOT hump day) It’s Rockstar Series day!  (I know what you’re thinking- it happens on the same day every time?  It seems so random… You are right.  I am a hot mess who can’t … Continue reading

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