A Proposal for the Nation

I love United States history. It’s a young history, but a rich one. Growing up in the greater Philadelphia area, I loved learning about the people who lived there before me: the Lenni-Lenape, the Quakers, the Founding Fathers (and Mothers!). There’s much to be learned from the wisdom – and mistakes – of those who [...]

Review and Update: Upgrading My AM Routine

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to clean up my act. After I finished my tri season, I got pretty lax about my schedule, what I was putting in my body, and even what I was putting on my body. Luckily, around the same time I committed to my 21 Day Challenge (update [...]

Re-building healthy habits & podcast recs

I got an email from USA Triathlon last week inviting me to register for the Olympic Distance Age Group National Championships again this year. My first thought was, "Couldn't they host this event someplace more interesting than Omaha, Nebraska?" My second thought was, "Wow, I qualified this season? I took it pretty easy this year. [...]

Rockstar Series: Curating a Career in the Arts

I'm delighted to introduce the latest chapter in the Rockstar Series, featuring artist and arts professional Lauren Bierly! Lauren and I were roommates in grad school, but we actually go all the way back to elementary school. In addition to her saint-like patience (evidenced by the fact that she lived with me and we're still [...]

A Tale of Two Triathlons

When I was plotting out my triathlon season earlier this year, I had two priorities: Early season races Reasonable start times "Why," you ask? Because I am a lazy triathlete. You may think that this sounds counter-intuitive, but I assure you it makes complete and total sense. I'm not a lazy person. As far as [...]