You bought a house…now what?

Wall in Gentleman's Gray

Welcome to the first house update! As you may have heard, we bought a little house on a little mountain in the Hudson Valley. It’s our little respite from the wilds of city life; and someday soon it will be the place where we get to relax and revel in the good life with friends […]

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Seasonal Clean Out with thredUP


I’ve written about my zeal for seasonal purging before, but I’m giving my autumn ritual a little technological upgrade this year! Living in the New York City means minimal closet space, but it also means riding the subway with actual fashion models and designers everyday. Figuring out how to have a closet full of things […]

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New adventures online and off!

We bought a house!

While it still feels like summer here in New York, autumn is officially upon us. With new seasons come new adventures, and this year, I’ve got a few big ones planned! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know we closed on a new house last weekend. Ryan and I have been thinking, […]

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