Post Irene

So I survived the hurricane unscathed, hope you did too!  The first thing I did when I woke up was check on my tree (yes, the City of New York planted it for the public to enjoy, but it is MY tree).

It was A-OK.  I made a ginormous protein pancake for breakfast and foolishly (woops) headed out for coffee down the block.  It was pretty windy all day yesterday, but for the most part my neighborhood really lucked out.

For all its disruption to my weekend plans, it was pretty nice to have some forced downtime.  I got all of my pre-school work done and got to bond a little bit with my new roommate (who, btw is awesome).  When we were confident Irene was out of the better borough, we scurried down the street for some sushi.  Courtney (roomie) worked in a sushi restaurant for awhile, so she KNOWS good sushi.  I was worried that our local joint wouldn’t be up to par with her standards, but it did not disappoint!  I got the “Spicy Roll Combo” which came with a green salad, miso soup, a spicy tuna roll, spicy crunchy salmon roll, and spicy crabmeat.  I subbed in a cucumber roll for the crabmeat, because I’m always an advocate of more vegetables.  The delivery was pretty (and it tasted even better).

Under the guidance of my resident sushi expert I also tried Japanese soda called Ramune (guys this stuff is so fun!), and mochi ice cream (how did I not try this before?).  We celebrated our hurricane survival skills, and the new school year (that starts today!), so I guess Irene wasn’t all bad.

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