An Assyrian wedding, a lot of good food, and a little baseball (aka my Chicago weekend)

So, do you know where Assyria is?  Because I sure didn’t!  Turns out, it was an ancient kingdom where current day Iraq and Iran exist, but it hasn’t been an actual country (or kingdom for that matter) since the BC years.  However, Assyrian culture is alive and well, and I had the very good luck of being related to someone who married into an Assyrian family.  Anyhow, I went to a very fun and very different wedding yesterday here in Chicago.  The food was AMAZING.  Just look at it (sorry about the cell phone quality pics).

Also, the bride and groom were an absolutely beautiful couple inside an out.  They made the centerpieces together with sand from Lake Michigan beaches. Too sweet.

Sunday dropped us at the Cub’s game at Wrigley Field!

I’m a big baseball fan (Phillies fan really, but I love the sport in general), so when there’s an opportunity to check out a game and a new stadium I’m all about it.  Wrigley is a really unique spot.  They have an old-school scoreboard that somebody changes by hand from the inside, and there are bleachers for seating on all of the buildings surrounding the stadium.  Say whaaat?  Check it out! But the BEST thing about Wrigley Field is definitely the Chicago style hot dogs.

Piling vegetables all over my hot dog makes it healthy right? YUM.  My trip to Chicago began with a 15 mile run along Lake Michigan and ended with an enormous hot dog and a baseball cap full of nachos.  Hehe.  I’ve loved this city, but I am raring and ready to go back to Brooklyn.

Ever been to Chicago?  What are some of your favorite Chicago things?

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