Dinner for One

Last night I had a whole hour between work and class and a measly 2 blocks to travel to get there (woot!).  I meandered over to Schnippers Quality Kitchen on 8th Avenue and 41st street.  I’ve walked past this spot many many times and have often wanted to stop in, but never did.  Well the opportunity arrived at last!

Deciding what to order was incredibly difficult.  They have burgers, hot dogs, mac n cheese, sloppy joes, and combinations of the above all over the place.  Could you specialize in more awesome foods?  After some serious contemplation I decided on a turkey burger (comes with arugula, tomato and Schnipper’s sauce on a whole wheat bun) and an order of sweet potato fries. 

I’m not going to lie, this was an expensive meal (but at Times Square/Port Authority, what isn’t) at $14 with the fountain soda, but  I have to say it was worth it.  They have this huge open seating area with amazing windows all the way around the place that makes for EXCELLENT people watching when you have some time to kill, annnnd the food was realllly good.  The experience is kind of like an upscale Five Guys (and who doesn’t like Five Guys?).  I can’t afford to make a habit of this place, but I have a feeling I’ll be back there before the end of the semester.

What are your thoughts on fast-ish food restaurants?

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