2011 Redux

Things that were great about 2011:
I finished my first year of grad school with a 4.0
I got to usher at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions at the Park Avenue Armory and therefore see LOTS of amazing Shakespeare
I got to teach a college course AND was asked to return to teach the class next year
I learned A LOT about… A LOT actuallly
I found out I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was
I got to spend a time with some of my best and oldest friends

Things that were awful about 2011
It was overwhelmingly busy
I got my heart broken
I was extremely frustrated at my job
There were roaches in my apartment
I felt lower than I’ve ever felt

I’m a very optimistic and usually every year around this time I think, “How could next year be any better than this!?”, but not this year.  I had thought that 2011 was a pretty rotten year, but looking back it seems like a victory.  2011 was a year full of growing pains.  Things that I took for facts were challenged, the limits of my mind, body and sanity were tested, and I hardly had a moment to breathe for the last four months of the year.  However, while the stable footing I’d been standing on for the past few years fell out from under me, I’ve learned that I can stand pretty well on uneven ground.  I learned that I can tackle hills, find my balance in the dark, and when I really can’t handle it on my own, that I have more amazing people in my life than I ever could have imagined.  Yea, a lot of things about 2011 really sucked, but they put me in a great place to start 2012 and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

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