Week One Recap and my Fuel Crisis

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll!

So even though I’m halfway through week 2 of marathon training, I’m going to give you the details from week one.  I deviated a little bit from the prescribed plan, but I’m going to say that’s A-OK because I did manage to at least get out for every run.

Here’s what I was supposed to do:

Sunday- Cross Train

Monday- 3 Miles

Tuesday- 5 Miles

Wednesday- 3 Miles

Thursday- Rest

Friday- 5 miles Tempo

Saturday- 8 miles


Here’s what happened

Sunday- 6 mile bike ride (low key cross training)

Monday- 3 Miles

Tuesday- 5 Miles

Wednesday- 3 Miles

Thursday- Rest

Friday- 6.5 Miles Tempo and 30 Minute Swim

Saturday- 6 Miles (It was literally 95 degrees, so I planned to run shorter)


So basically I split my long run (not smart) into part of my tempo run.  Whatevs, I (almost) got my mileage.  The real problem is that I’ve forgotten how to fuel.  My weekly mileage this spring has been a measley 15-20p/w.  I’ve been eating mostly healthy food


with a sprinkle of sheer junk and a healthy dose of happy hour.


The jump to focused training has left me, well — hungry.  I ate an entire box of cheez –its party mix in the past two days, and when I discovered SoHo now has a Georgetown Cupcake, I had a Toffee Crunch cupcake for dinner.


Delicious? Yes.  Good fuel for training? Not so much.  Last time around, it took me awhile to figure out my fueling needs for training, but I have lofty goals this year, so the time for action is now! (Are you inspired?  That was my best superhero’s mentor impression.)

So the game plan for the week is to learn everything I can about fuel for endurance athletes.  I’ve finally gotten to the nutrition chapter in my Big Book of Marathon Training, and I picked up Scott Jurek’s new book “Eat and Run” (the man is a vegan who not only runs, but ROCKS ultramarathons…he’s got to be doing something right). I am taking advice, tips and guidance in all forms, so if you have mastered fueling for endurance training pretty please shoot me some advice.

Stay awesome!

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