Burn Out

So I went AWOL again.  The truth is, I totally burned out on marathon training.  I didn’t want to run (far, anyway), I didn’t want to write about running, and I didn’t want to read about running.

I spent too many Saturday mornings in soaking wet socks.

I got my butt kicked by the move.

I couldn’t stand the thought of losing any of summer’s last weekends to long run recovery.

Consequently, I allowed myself to run 60% of my training runs for a few weeks and dropped blogging altogether.

Instead, I got to enjoy taking life a little slower.  Charlie and I set up our new apartment.

I read a few good books:The Night Circus, which I LOVED; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close a worthwhile read, but not my favorite; The Hand and the Fist which I found both eye-opening and inspiring; and my current read Water for Elephants, that 100 pages in has me hooked.

I’ve also taken time to catch up with friends, enjoyed some of the less healthy pleasures in life, and finally got a damn haircut!

Anyhow, I’m back on the wagon- determined to get my mileage during the last three weeks of training before the taper begins 🙂

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I'm Aubrie - nonprofit professional / triathlete / adventurer / blogger / seeker of collaborative opportunities for good. Irreverent with good intentions.

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