Six things I’m loving right now

I’m baaaaack (for now)!  I’ve had a million and fifty things I want to share this summer, but I’ve been so busy living that I haven’t made time to write it all down.  It’s great, but I’m finding that I get a little overwhelmed when I just keep powering through, so I’m trying to take more time to breathe and reflect.  I’ve got some more updates coming your way, but to ease us back into the thick of it, here are six things I’m loving right now.
I raced one earlier this month and it was AWESOME.  That shit is STOOPID HARD, but somehow never feels impossible.  Also, I completely lost all sense of self conscious-ness mid race.  Is my ass hanging out?  Do my thighs look enormous?  Do I have spit running down my face?  DON’T CARE, I just feel STRONG right now.
2) The Angry/Sad Run
Feeling like the world is a terrible place and everything is awful?  Go for an angry/sad run.  No one can tell if you’re crying or sweating to death, and you’ll go super fast because ALL THE EMOTIONS.  You may even feel better when it’s over – or at least too tired to care anymore.
Ugh, I hate that I love it, but I do.  I assume I was brainwashed by all those episodes of The Hills I watched in college.
4) Sarah Fit (surprise! another blog – and yes I do have a problem)
Sarah is great (I know, I say it like we’re besties – I’ve been following her for a long time).  Sometimes her syntax gets on my nerves, but once you get past the “sorority girl” of it all (who am I kidding, if you’re still reading my writing you obviously don’t have a problem with bad grammar and a valley girl tendency), she is a straight-up-smart health and wellness pro with an accessible platform.  Her workouts are pretty good, but her articles on food and healthy habits are the best.  Basically she gets it – you have a life – and you want to feel good and look good.  Check her out, you’re welcome.
5) Kacy Catanzaro
This one is supes obvious right now – I mean hell-O, do you have the internet? This woman is amazing. Thanks for being one bas ass role model Kacy – go kick some booty in Vegas!
6) Eating in
Here’s the thing, your girl over here just had her monthly student loan payment jump a couple hundos… #thrilled.  It’s not ideal, but it’s forcing me to be more resourceful with my budget, and it is a STARK reminder that a lot of people are dealing with a fraction of my income.  Check out this eye-opening article from National Geographic about the disturbing prevalence of food insecurity in this country.  I eat most of my meals at home, but I’m definitely prone to the mid-afternoon purchase of a KIND bar and a fancy iced tea.  I’m trying to cut out the unnecessary spending in my life, and I might be concocting a September challenge for myself…
Alright beautiful people, get on with your bad selves.
Thanks for reading!

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