Gratuitous Exposition

Welcome to Drunk on Opportunity!

Bloggers. They’re just like us… If we all had props directors, professional photographers, stylists, and the DIY skills of Martha Stewart.

Welcome to Drunk on Opportunity – a lifestyle blog for the rest of us – or just me (probably just for me). I love a gloriously curated home and a perfectly styled ensemble as much as anyone else. I’d also love to have chiseled abs and for my pinterest creations to come out looking the way they’re “supposed” to.

That sh*t just isn’t in the cards for me. You know what is? A messy existence with a whole lot of heart and a solid dose of sarcasm.

Drunk on Opportunity is a purpose-driven lifestyle blog with a sense of humor. If you follow along, you’ll read about charitable causes,¬†real-world rockstars, weekend warriors, foolhardy attempts at DIYs and recipes, ways to live large on the cheap, and an ongoing celebration of everyday opportunities.

I hope you enjoy the content, and I look forward to hearing from you! I’m always looking forward to collaborating with like-minded souls, and would love to know what you think would make this little corner of the internet better.

If you’re curious about how I started blogging, please check out the earlier version of this blog, and my first blog on the business of theater. (If you must judge, please appreciate how far I’ve come…)