A guide for the Lazy Host

Group photo from our Friendsgiving

I hadn’t actually planned on throwing a Friendsgiving this year, but my girl Kait offered to come down from Astoria and roast a lamb for us. Her cooking makes my taste buds dance, so I said “Heck YES!” We sent out a bat signal to friends and neighbors, and a celebration was born. 

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Keeping It REAL – Episode 1

I am super duper, extra special, out of this world excited to bring you all the very first installment of the Keeping it Real panel! I introduced these awesome humans a few weeks ago, and today they are schooling us all on what life looks like: uncurated and unfiltered.

Driven by a selfish desire to know if I’m actually failing at adulthood, or if everyone else is just supremely good at pretending on social media, I sent these wonder women a few questions. Here are their brilliantly relatable and hilarious responses!

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Staying fit when your race is over

It’s marathon week here in New York City! Everywhere you look, smiling faces are bounding down the streets on fresh, taper-week legs. Come Sunday, 50,000 of the most dedicated athletes will take the five boroughs by storm, turning the city into an epic sports arena. The marathon is without a doubt, my favorite spectator sport (the energy! the city as backdrop! the drink specials!). However, for many of you, the marathon is something you DO, not something you WATCH. This post is for you (and also for anyone out there who has ever finished a race/fitness program/achieved a fitness goal and thought, “What now?”).

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