Awesome Sh*t

Maybe it's the holidays, but I'm SUPER excitable lately. Don't get me wrong - I'm always a little excitable - but I'm on some other level uppers over here. Since I'm not one to keep things to myself (seriously, nothing - do NOT tell me secrets), here are some things I'm jazzed about right now: … Continue reading Awesome Sh*t

Exciting News!

For those of you that don't know, I'm the director of development (aka head fundraiser) at a kickass nonprofit called The Financial Clinic. The "Clinic" works to build financial security and to promote financial mobility for America's working poor. "What the heck does that mean?" you say. It means we work to make it possible … Continue reading Exciting News!

Stress, vanity and the election of 2016

2016 has been a particularly stressful election cycle. Civil discourse gave way to hateful rhetoric, dismissive sarcasm and finger-pointing. We are all on edge, frazzled and exhausted. My stress manifests itself in  a glorious combination of gastro-intestinal and epidermal expressions. I've been bloated for weeks. My lips are perennially cracked and my skin has been raw and dull since August. Today I woke up … Continue reading Stress, vanity and the election of 2016

Getting fancy with my food

I... am not a great cook. I'm not a great baker either, but I'm ok, and I make a few decent desserts. Cookies, cakes, cobblers, I got it; however, I've never tried anything with a crust. You see, I can't bring myself to buy frozen pie or pastry crusts, but I had it in my … Continue reading Getting fancy with my food

Storm Chasing on the Eastern Seaboard

“When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead.” -Ernest Hemingway Well said, right? I've been having quite a bit of fun lately: throwing caution (and my savings) to the wind in pursuit of a little adventure. Last month, I maxed out my vacation earnings at work and so, time had to be … Continue reading Storm Chasing on the Eastern Seaboard