Consulting for Nonprofits | Coaching for Individuals

Welcome to Opportunity Kitchen! I'm thrilled to announce that this summer, I'll be launching a consulting and coaching business, completely dedicated to nonprofits and mission-driven individuals. I'm not yet taking on clients, because I'm committed to making sure my current organization is set up for success as I transition out of my current role. However,…

Hektor goes to New Orleans

I have to say, travelling with the puggle is far easier than I ever could have imagined. Most airlines allow small pets in the cabin, provided they are able to comfortably stay inside their carriers, under the seat in front of you for the entirety of the flight. ( has a great digest and links to most major airlines policies.) Hektor's been on quite a few flights in his day, and he's always cool as a cucumber. Now, I know not every dog is cut out for the jet-setting life, but if you think yours might be, here are a few tips that will make for a smooth flight:

Keeping It Real Panel – Spring Cleaning Edition

Let's Get Real About Spring Cleaning

I’ve always been fascinated by tidy people. My mom’s super neat, so maybe it’s a curiosity about the genes I didn’t inherit? When I was a kid, one of my classmate’s mom would vacuum their carpets into designs like sunbursts, and you weren’t allowed to walk on them. 20+ years later, I still think about it. Clearly, I’m fixated. To feed my obsession, and in honor of spring (and spring cleaning), I asked the Keeping It Real Panel to share their cleaning and organization styles with us!