So, we’re planning a wedding…

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Getting married nowadays is a funny thing, isn’t it? Most of us live with our partners long before we get married, both have careers of our own, and aren’t getting married for any kind of religious or moral imperative. Aside from the paltry tax advantages, and the perceived simplicity of raising kids as a legal unit, there aren’t a lot of tangible reasons to get married in 2018. And yet. More than 75% of Americans get married at some point in their lives. I won’t dig into the sociology and psychology around it (at least today), but in spite of it’s being logically unnecessary, marriage is still important to many of us.

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A Little House Update

The little house in the snow, from the backyard

A February update on our little mountain house.

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It’s Cold, Let’s Hibernate!

Snowy views from the cottage

Happy Holidays friends! I hope all of your celebrations were wonderful – Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus. If they weren’t for whatever reason, I hope they were at least a break from the ordinary! I’ve been loving the meme running around lately about how the days between Christmas and New Years are a confusing no-man’s-land of […]

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