Luxury fitness on a budget

I started Drunk on Opportunity when I was a broke graduate student training for a marathon. At the time, I was trying to figure out how to balance a crazy schedule with healthy habits...on a very tight budget. Thankfully, my grad school bet paid off and now I make a decent living and get to spend my nights and weekends at leisure … Continue reading Luxury fitness on a budget

Awesome Sh*t

Maybe it's the holidays, but I'm SUPER excitable lately. Don't get me wrong - I'm always a little excitable - but I'm on some other level uppers over here. Since I'm not one to keep things to myself (seriously, nothing - do NOT tell me secrets), here are some things I'm jazzed about right now: … Continue reading Awesome Sh*t

Week 2 and The Magic of Trader Joe’s

Aight folks, so last we talked I was eating everything in sight and blowing off long runs in favor of air conditioning, right? Well times have changed.  This week I was SPOT ON with all of my training (I even added an extra mile here and there). Here's what happened: Sunday: 16 mile bike ride … Continue reading Week 2 and The Magic of Trader Joe’s

The Unhealthy Habit I Cannot Kick

I hit up an enormous deal at my C-Town this weekend, 99cent FAGE yogurt.  This is awesome because I got delicious and nutritious Greek yogurt for about a third of the usual price, but horrible because now I know how unparalleled and perfect the texture and flavor of this exhorbitant-ly  priced yogurt is and I … Continue reading The Unhealthy Habit I Cannot Kick