Rockstar Series 2017: Spotlight the Good

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you know that the Rockstar Series is my favorite thing about Drunk on Opportunity. I'm especially excited to present today's rockstar to you: Mikaela Conley. Not only is Mikaela an accomplished journalist, a loving sister/daughter/friend,  avid yogi, and excellent adventure buddy; she's making the internet a more positive place. … Continue reading Rockstar Series 2017: Spotlight the Good

Challenge Accepted.

Hi friends! I have been the worst and raced two triathlons and made the switch from training to off-season without reporting back. Sorry! I'm still hopeful that I'll pull together a NYC Tri race report for you before the summer's up, but don't hold your breath. Frankly, it's been a summer of total upheaval in my … Continue reading Challenge Accepted.

What’s a girl gotta do for some “D”?

It's no secret that the northeast is having one sludge of a winter. And yes, you're all tired of hearing about it. So I'm just going to move right along and tell you I've already gone on two lovely runs outside this week, in spite of the horrifying view from Monday night: YeeaauP, that is … Continue reading What’s a girl gotta do for some “D”?

The cake is on fire!

Hey-O! Did everyone enjoy the Oscars? I didn't make it to the end, but I heard good things. I was really excited to hear that Common and John Legend won Best Original Song for Glory. I mean OBVIOUSLY it was the best, but you never know. They are two of my favorites (John Legend's EVOLVER … Continue reading The cake is on fire!

Scenes from my weekend

Hi friends - Happy Valentine's Day/President's Day hangover week! I'm a little under the weather, so I don't have much to say today - except down with the cold virus!  Anyhow, I wanted to pop a quick reminder that the Pinterest recipe challenge started on Monday, and you can still join!  Just follow the board … Continue reading Scenes from my weekend