What does a triathlete look like?

What Does a Triathlete Look Like?

The truth is, just as all skiers don’t look like Mikaela Shiffrin, all triathletes don’t look like Gwen Jorgensen. I’d like to put the notion that triathlon is just for the pros and uber fit finance dudes to rest. Triathletes look like this and this, and like me. In short, they look like all of us! To that end, I’ve recruited a few amazing triathletes to share their stories, to show all of us what a triathlete looks like, and maybe (just mayyyyyyyybe) to inspire you to try your first triathlon.

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It’s more fun with friends

While the injection of vitamin D was cause enough, the real reason I headed south was to run the Key West Half Marathon with my wonderful cousin Marissa! She had let on earlier this year that she’d started running long distance, and man if I didn’t seize on that like a fly to honey. I got a promo email for the Key West Half, and was like “Girl, want to run this with me??” She kindly obliged, and suddenly I had a reason to up my mileage.

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Realistic tips for a healthy holiday

Christmas overload

Ah the holidays – a time of joy, celebration, magic…and guilt.

I am so tired of hearing about all the ways I can NOT partake of the joys of the holiday season in the interest of being healthy. I’m over it. Apologies to everyone out there trying to eat clean, master challenges, and double down on their virtuous healthy lifestyles. I wish you all the luck in the world, and this post is not for you.

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