Things I’m loving right now

REI's Force of Nature Campaign REI just launched a public campaign to bring women to the forefront of the world of outdoor adventure. Rocking the tagline, "Let's make outside the largest level playing field on earth," they're bringing women to the forefront of their marketing campaigns, spotlighting women adventurers, offering programs and classes specifically for girls … Continue reading Things I’m loving right now

Challenge Accepted.

Hi friends! I have been the worst and raced two triathlons and made the switch from training to off-season without reporting back. Sorry! I'm still hopeful that I'll pull together a NYC Tri race report for you before the summer's up, but don't hold your breath. Frankly, it's been a summer of total upheaval in my … Continue reading Challenge Accepted.

I won the sibling lottery

Kids, I hate to break it to you, but you've been lied to. I know it was National Sibling Day this week and you all believe that you have the coolest siblings, but you would be wrong…because I have the world's coolest brother. How do I know this? Well, aside from the fact that I've … Continue reading I won the sibling lottery

I’m going streaking (or four things I’m excited about right now)

I've never been a streaker, you know someone who runs every day for a streak of time, but I figured I needed a kick in the bum, so I signed up for the #Spartan30 Mile a Day Challenge (exciting thing #1).  I figure a mile a day won't get me into trouble with any overuse … Continue reading I’m going streaking (or four things I’m excited about right now)

Rockstar Series: Second Installment

Hi all- Today you are going to get to know another one of my favorite rockstars- Julie! You'll find her healthy story is different from Lauren's, but that's one of the best things about this series- you get to see MANY kinds of healthy lifestyles from a bunch of incredible folks.  I hope you'll enjoy … Continue reading Rockstar Series: Second Installment