Week One Recap and my Fuel Crisis

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll!

So even though I’m halfway through week 2 of marathon training, I’m going to give you the details from week one.  I deviated a little bit from the prescribed plan, but I’m going to say that’s A-OK because I did manage to at least get out for every run.

Here’s what I was supposed to do:

Sunday- Cross Train

Monday- 3 Miles

Tuesday- 5 Miles

Wednesday- 3 Miles

Thursday- Rest

Friday- 5 miles Tempo

Saturday- 8 miles


Here’s what happened

Sunday- 6 mile bike ride (low key cross training)

Monday- 3 Miles

Tuesday- 5 Miles

Wednesday- 3 Miles

Thursday- Rest

Friday- 6.5 Miles Tempo and 30 Minute Swim

Saturday- 6 Miles (It was literally 95 degrees, so I planned to run shorter)


So basically I split my long run (not smart) into part of my tempo run.  Whatevs, I (almost) got my mileage.  The real problem is that I’ve forgotten how to fuel.  My weekly mileage this spring has been a measley 15-20p/w.  I’ve been eating mostly healthy food


with a sprinkle of sheer junk and a healthy dose of happy hour.


The jump to focused training has left me, well — hungry.  I ate an entire box of cheez –its party mix in the past two days, and when I discovered SoHo now has a Georgetown Cupcake, I had a Toffee Crunch cupcake for dinner.


Delicious? Yes.  Good fuel for training? Not so much.  Last time around, it took me awhile to figure out my fueling needs for training, but I have lofty goals this year, so the time for action is now! (Are you inspired?  That was my best superhero’s mentor impression.)

So the game plan for the week is to learn everything I can about fuel for endurance athletes.  I’ve finally gotten to the nutrition chapter in my Big Book of Marathon Training, and I picked up Scott Jurek’s new book “Eat and Run” (the man is a vegan who not only runs, but ROCKS ultramarathons…he’s got to be doing something right). I am taking advice, tips and guidance in all forms, so if you have mastered fueling for endurance training pretty please shoot me some advice.

Stay awesome!

Eating on the go and a Blog-o-versary Interrogation

Even though I’ve mostly settled into a single full time job, I’m hanging on to a couple of my freelance gigs.  The extra money can buy me some fancy sneakers, weekend trips, registration in a few marathons, a lifetime supply of oatmeal…..or I could just pay off my student loans.  So many options (drunk on opportunity over here friends)!

The past few weeks have found me running from my day job to an evening gig almost everyday.  Since packing a month’s worth of snacks and eating on the go is kind of my specialty, I wanted to share what I’ve been eating.

Breakfast: Overnight Oats

These are the best because you throw them together in tupperware the night before and can take them as you run out the door.  There are a billion and five different ways to do overnight oats out there, but I start with a base of 1 part oats to 1 part almond milk (I use Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk), with a scoop of whey protein powder.  Let it sit in the fridge overnight and add whatever you want to it before you leave the house.  Berries, nut butters and seeds are great additions!

Lunch: Salad with Protein

This one has mixed greens, heirloom cherry tomatoes, a chopped orange bell pepper, half a can of tuna (in water, drained), and Trader Joe’s Champagne Vinaigrette.  Especially in the summer, the packed salad is king.

Snack: Raw Veggies

I ALWAYS pack some raw veggies, usually a combination of two of whatever I have on hand.  I always want a crunchy snack in the afternoon, so raw veg hits the spot.  If I still want a salty crunchy snack afterwards (read-potato chips), I’ll let myself have it.  Since I’m mostly full from vegetables, I won’t eat the whole bag.

Dinner: “Fast” Food

Somedays you just need to grab something on the go.  For me, knowing where there are healthier options where my gig is, makes all the difference. I hit up the Hummus and Pita Company in the flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan for this delicious gyro whole wheat pita with cucumber and tomato salad, the world’s largest dollop of tzatziki, and a little hot pepper.

By the time I got home (12+ hours after leaving my apartment for the morning) I was full, well nourished, and in no need for a late night snack.  Victory!

Since it’s Drunk on Opportunity’s “Blog-o-versary” I’m opening up the floor to questions.  Anything you want to know about something I’ve blogged about, blogging, or something you’d like to see on the blog, ask away in the comments section!

Back to the Weekend Long Run

I was delinquent last weekend and abandoned my long run in favor of two shorter runs…oops.  Anyhow, I’m back on the wagon and (smartly) stayed in last night to prep for this morning’s 16 miler.  Since I was 1) tired 2) feeling super lame about staying in on a Friday night, I ordered some takeout from my favorite Mexican restaurant .  OBVIOUSLY I needed to carb load, so I got an order of chicken enchilladas (comes with rice and beans) and an order of chips with guac (so much yum).

Sorry I neglected to take a photo before I annihilated it.  I was hunnnngry.  I got to bed at a decent hour, made sure I got a full eight hours and took a leisurely morning to fuel for my run.  I woke up at 8:00 (for those of you who’ve been getting up at 6am all summer to run before it’s 9,000 degrees out know how absolutely THRILLING it is to get up at a human hour for a long run), got coffee from the local bakery, had toast with peanut butter and half a grapefruit (and gummy vitamins), and sat on my bum for a couple hours.

When I was at Target on Thursday I picked up a couple of CLIF Shot Bloks to try out for my long runs.

I actually really liked the taste of these, and they definitely kept me feeling fueled longer and better than Gatorade does.  They’re extremely chewy, so I really had to walk while I chewed them, but since my plan for the marathon is to walk through water stations, these could definitely work for me.  I had one “shot” about every 3 miles, for a total of 5, so the 6 in the pack will probably serve me really well in next weekend’s 18 mile tune-up.  I’ll keep you posted.

So how did the run go?

I ran 16 miles in 2 hours and 35 minutes, for an average pace of 9:41, which puts me right on track to run next weekend in under 3 hours (my goal).  I walked up most of Prospect Park’s “big hill” on my fourth and final loop in the park, which I’d prefer not to have done, but I finished my last two miles strong so I really can’t complain.  New distance PRIDE.

Time to go eat those leftovers!

Marathon Lifestyle

New kicks! Good food! Less booze!  All elements of getting my body excited to kick 26.2 miles.  While I’m already a runner, marathon training is still an adjustment for me.  From everything I’ve read, your body is typically cool with you running up to 20 miles (something about glycogen storage…blank stare).  Anything beyond that, is a real test of both physical and mental fortitude.  Since I’m not one to subject myself to discomfort, this is going to take some real dedication.
The first thing I needed to do before I could get started was get new running shoes.  I have to be honest with you (and all you runners out there are going to chide me), I’d been running in the same sneakers since last August.  My Brooks Defyance had taken me more than 1000 miles (you’re supposed to get new shoes every 300-400 miles), and it was time to retire them.  I headed to the running store in Doylestown (where they are AWESOME and hard core), and they set me up with a new pair of Brooks GHOSTs.  They are bright!  One of the things I love about getting my shoes there is that they send you outside (outside!) to try out potential purchases on the block.  Running a full block on the road gives you a better sense of how it will feel to run miles in them, plus you get to look like a nut to all the passersby (I never say no to a chance to look crazy in public…I learned this in New York).
The next thing I’ve been doing to prep my lifestyle for 26.2 is a diet overhaul.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m already a pretty healthy eater.  However, the number of miles I need to log in a week has increased, and I need more protein to do it.  This means that my regular diet has been infiltrated by protein powder, and the starchy snacks I’m partial to have been replaced by fruit and nuts (or fruit and cheese).  Right now I’m really into pistachios, because they’re salty enough to make me think they are chips or pretzels, but pack a little bit more protein.
Last night for dinner I had a lot of peas (I like it when half of my plate is green), griddled chicken with Bone Suckin Sauce (I never say no to condiments, especially ones that come out of North Carolina, aka the land of the pig pickin’), and corn on the cob with a little lemon juice, hot sauce, and parmesan (obviously there needed to be cheese).  I eat wayy too fast, so I thought I was still hungry afterwards, but I waited it out about 15 minutes and it became very clear that I was FULL.  Even though I was stuffed, I had a few spoonfulls of frozen yogurt before bed (calci-yum!).
This morning marked my second “I WILL run in the morning” run.  I booked 4 decent miles, a little slow, but steady, and got a great stretch in afterwards.
What have you had to change in your life to train for an event/get healthy?  What would you like to change about your current habits?