DIY: Stenciled Throw Pillow

Before Christmas, I put a teaser on Instagram for a DIY I was working on, and promised a forthcoming tutorial on the blog. It's taken me three months, but I am FINALLY making good on that promise. (I also promised I would give an update on the Dirty Lemon detox. You drink one bottle before … Continue reading DIY: Stenciled Throw Pillow


I love national holidays.  You know, the odd Monday off that we get a few times a year to celebrate someone?  Well this past Monday was Columbus Day (or should I say Bartolomé Day), and I had the entire day to myself.  I cooked everything in sight so that I could coast through the rest … Continue reading I cooked ALL THE THINGS

Christmas Recaps: The Feast of the Seven Fishes

Those of you who are Italian probably know about the "Feast of the Seven Fishes".  Basically, it's a Christmas Eve tradition in which families eat seven different courses of delicious FISH!  Now, I'm not Italian, but my mom's best friend married into an amazing Italian family and we were adopted into their Feast of Amazingness.  … Continue reading Christmas Recaps: The Feast of the Seven Fishes

Holiday Favorites: Day 5- COCKTAIL (and a Secret Santa exchange)

Who likes eggnog?  That's like asking who likes ice cream, right?  But let's be real, 1 cup of eggnog has something like 400 calories in it, and with all of the wonderful things to be enjoyed over the holidays, I'd rather spend half of those calories on a cookie and drink something a little lighter.  … Continue reading Holiday Favorites: Day 5- COCKTAIL (and a Secret Santa exchange)

Holiday Favorites: Day 4- PRESENTS

Everybody loves presents; getting them, giving them.  Presents give joy to the gifter and the receiver, but THIS present brings joy even further.Charity Gift Cards!The "good card" is from Charity Navigator but there are a number of reputable sources that sell these.  I gave my mom one for her birthday and she thought it was … Continue reading Holiday Favorites: Day 4- PRESENTS