Sinister Shoulds

Hi friends! Sorry it's been awhile - you know how it is. Everybody's busy. I'm in the midst of triathlon training and have a handful of work and personal projects in the hopper. It's all terribly interesting to me, but I'm afraid doesn't make for any good blog posts. That said, I had a handful … Continue reading Sinister Shoulds

Stress, vanity and the election of 2016

2016 has been a particularly stressful election cycle. Civil discourse gave way to hateful rhetoric, dismissive sarcasm and finger-pointing. We are all on edge, frazzled and exhausted. My stress manifests itself in  a glorious combination of gastro-intestinal and epidermal expressions. I've been bloated for weeks. My lips are perennially cracked and my skin has been raw and dull since August. Today I woke up … Continue reading Stress, vanity and the election of 2016

Rockstar Series 2016: A Woman of Substance

I am beyond excited to be reintroducing the Rockstar Series with the amazing Cindy Lou! She's a badass professional lady, a wonderful friend, and frankly, something of a force of nature. She's been cracking me up and inspiring me since 2010 and I'm so thrilled to get to introduce her to all of you! When … Continue reading Rockstar Series 2016: A Woman of Substance

This time last year

Last summer my world went topsy turvy. I went through a breakup. We all go through them, and as far as I can tell, they always suck. Even under the most copacetic of circumstances, breakups are hard. To get us all in the same headspace, I want you to go on a little journey with me. You … Continue reading This time last year

I won something and I’m angry.

I raced my first tri of the season this past weekend, and it was fantastic. The weather was perfect (overcast), I enjoyed every minute, pushed myself to a level that still felt comfortable, and placed in my age group - a first for me! But today, I'm kind of pissed off. I'd been doubting how … Continue reading I won something and I’m angry.