A Tale of Two Triathlons

When I was plotting out my triathlon season earlier this year, I had two priorities: Early season races Reasonable start times "Why," you ask? Because I am a lazy triathlete. You may think that this sounds counter-intuitive, but I assure you it makes complete and total sense. I'm not a lazy person. As far as [...]

Weekend Nutrition Edition

Hey-O! How's everyone's weekend going? I had a blast this morning, cheering for all the half marathoners running the United Airlines NYC Half with my Back on My Feet teammates. I made a couple of signs yesterday and they turned out to be a huge hit - with the runners and the cheerers! You can [...]

The Rockstar Series Returns – Seven in Heaven-style!

Ok friends, I know I have been DYING to put up a post by another Rockstar, and now I that I have one for you, I hope you're excited too! Today's post is super special to me, because I'm actually RELATED to this Rockstar (yea, you should be jealous)!  It's my cousin Carly, who (among [...]

The Olympics are Coming

(This post is dedicated to the Olympic's biggest fan, EmYo!) Ok - so the Olympics are coming.  Do you know how I know?  The media circus has begun and Visa is exclusively advertising via Olympian endorsed commercials.  I like the Olympics, and as such, I have bought into every single one of the media's ploys [...]

I’m going to need some help over here

Ugh. So, December was bad for me.  Nothing I want to talk about, but it was rough, and I'm feeling like I need a little extra motivation going into this new year.  I'm going to need your help. First -I've been doing a half-assed job of working out lately.  I'll get in about 3 workouts [...]