Things I’m loving right now

REI's Force of Nature Campaign REI just launched a public campaign to bring women to the forefront of the world of outdoor adventure. Rocking the tagline, "Let's make outside the largest level playing field on earth," they're bringing women to the forefront of their marketing campaigns, spotlighting women adventurers, offering programs and classes specifically for girls … Continue reading Things I’m loving right now

A long weekend in Los Angeles

Last month I had to take a quick business trip to LA. It felt foolish to fly across the country for just one day, so I figured I'd embrace the MLK Jr. Day holiday weekend and build myself a little west coast getaway! Since I'm an LA noob - and it's winter in NYC - I … Continue reading A long weekend in Los Angeles

Storm Chasing on the Eastern Seaboard

“When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead.” -Ernest Hemingway Well said, right? I've been having quite a bit of fun lately: throwing caution (and my savings) to the wind in pursuit of a little adventure. Last month, I maxed out my vacation earnings at work and so, time had to be … Continue reading Storm Chasing on the Eastern Seaboard

Travel Recovery

I've been lucky enough to spend some time out of town visiting with friends and family recently.  First I spent a weekend in DC with my beautiful college girlfriends: Then I got to spend a few days in Cape Cod with my friend Kate and her wonderful family, and my brother, who lives up there … Continue reading Travel Recovery

I flew the coop

Sometimes a girl's just got to pretend she doesn't have a blog, right?A few things happened that put me on a wild spiral into no man's land1) I finished my last full time gig and started freelancing ,2) My PC died and I upgraded to a MacBook (i'm still figuring things out).3) I went to … Continue reading I flew the coop