I won something and I’m angry.

I raced my first tri of the season this past weekend, and it was fantastic. The weather was perfect (overcast), I enjoyed every minute, pushed myself to a level that still felt comfortable, and placed in my age group - a first for me! But today, I'm kind of pissed off. I'd been doubting how … Continue reading I won something and I’m angry.

Coming up for air

Summertime is here at last! I haven't posted anything in almost a year, but summer means races, adventures, and day drinking in the sunshine. These most blog-able of subjects cannot be ignored. Stay tuned - fun things ahead! In the meantime, I've updated my summer recommendations on the Arts & Culture and Happy Hour pages. … Continue reading Coming up for air

May is Bike Month!

I've always known that May was the best month of the year. The weather is perfect, summer swim team starts, baseball is in full swing, and well, I was born in May, so obviously it's a winner.  In addition to those wonderful things, since 1956, May has been National Bike Month! Started by the League … Continue reading May is Bike Month!

I’m in a glass case of emotion… and I #WipeforWater

Life, you guys! It totally gets in the way of training! Amiright? After two + weeks of fending off a cold, I lost all motivation at the end of last week. I took two EXTRA rest days on (yup - one week, three rest days) and just kind of…gave up. Didn't try to get up … Continue reading I’m in a glass case of emotion… and I #WipeforWater