Keeping It REAL – Episode 1

I am super duper, extra special, out of this world excited to bring you all the very first installment of the Keeping it Real panel! I introduced these awesome humans a few weeks ago, and today they are schooling us all on what life looks like: uncurated and unfiltered.

Driven by a selfish desire to know if I’m actually failing at adulthood, or if everyone else is just supremely good at pretending on social media, I sent these wonder women a few questions. Here are their brilliantly relatable and hilarious responses!

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Introducing the Experts!

Introducing the Keeping It Real panel on Drunk on Opportunity, where real people answer the questions to everyday mysteries.

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New adventures online and off!

We bought a house!

While it still feels like summer here in New York, autumn is officially upon us. With new seasons come new adventures, and this year, I’ve got a few big ones planned! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know we closed on a new house last weekend. Ryan and I have been thinking, […]

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